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Get into our new club apparel and merchandise. We have formed a relationship with The Uniform Shop, Home Maker Centre, Mt Barker (phone 8398-3983) to cater for all of our uniform needs. We have a dedicated Uniform Coordinator (Mr Grant Baker) who can discuss your uniform needs.

Here are the ordering instructions.

If you know what uniform you want and know the garment size then you can download the form you need to place an order. 

Order form - shirts and tops

Order form - hoodies, vests and pants

You now have two options for placing your uniform order - you can go to The Uniform Shop, Home Maker Centre, Mt Barker in person with your order form to place your order and pay direct with The Uniform Shop. This would be the best option if you are not sure of the garment size so the staff at the Uniform Shop can help you.

OR, you can deal directly with our Uniform Coordinator Mr Grant Baker—please follow these steps to order your uniform:
1. You must know your garment size - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS / REPLACEMENTS for items ordered with Grant that are the wrong size.  
2. Fill in the Uniform Order form you downloaded and complete with your name and contact  details.
3. To send your order to Grant by email, first scan the completed uniform order on your computer to a PDF file and then email to
4. Grant will then email back an invoice direct to you for your ordered Uniform Item(s). Your order will be allocated an invoice number so it can be tracked by the club.
5. Pay for the item at the time invoiced so we can process the ordered uniform—we cannot accept payment for the item at the time you physically receive the garment.

EFT details
Account Name: Stirling Tennis Club Inc.
BSB: 105 079
Account Number:  041820840
Description:  <invoice number> (note: this is different to paying your subscription)

Please note that to contact Grant initially will always be by his email so there is always a way for recording your contact details needed for all conversations about Stirling Tennis Club uniforms.

NOTE:  Stirling Tennis Club encourages the purchase of the Stirling Tennis Club uniform promoting a team orientated sense of community, BUT it is not compulsory to purchase.  All uniform items purchased through the Stirling Tennis Club Uniform Coordinator are at cost price to the club member as if they were buying directly with the Uniform Shop.